Legislature update…and other headlines: March 15, 2017

Some Kansas lawmakers want the state to take over the job of writing and making sure businesses comply with workplace regulations, despite concerns by a labor rights group that the ... Continue Reading →

Kansas lawmaker compares Planned Parenthood to Nazi Germany…and other headlines: March 14, 2017

A Kansas state legislator is standing by a comment he made in a letter comparing Planned Parenthood with a Nazi concentration camp. State Sen. Steve Fitzgerald of Leavenworth told The ... Continue Reading →

States wanting grazing restrictions temporarily lifted due to fires…and other headlines: March 13, 2017

The governors of four states including Kansas are seeking temporary suspension of grazing restrictions for farmers and ranchers because of wildfires. The fires have burned more than ... Continue Reading →

Fires plague western Kansas…winds cause blow overs on highways…and other headlines: March 7, 2017

Fire is a major concern across Kansas; the result of weeks of dry weather coupled with more recent high winds. State officials are monitoring fires in 21 counties. The highest-profile, ... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mike Morley from Midwest Energy

Clay Patton talks with Mike Morley from Midwest Energy about the potential power line and fire dangers associated with the high winds today. Continue Reading →

Interview: Bob McClemore – Fire Chief, City of Colby

Sacha Sanguinetti talks with City of Colby Fire Chief Bob McClemore about the potential fire danger Monday due to low humidity levels and the high winds that are expected. Continue Reading →

Hoxie man injured in K-23 wreck…and other headlines: March 6, 2017

A man from Hoxie is hurt after a crash on K-23 ten miles south of town. He lost control of his pickup, running into a ditch and hitting an embankment, which rolled the truck. The highway ... Continue Reading →

Ticket Sales Begin for Symphony In The Flint Hills

Tickets go on sale Saturday (3/3) morning at 10am for Symphony In The Flint Hills’ signature event, which celebrates the tallgrass prairie with the music of the Kansas City Symphony ... Continue Reading →

Lawmakers stay the course after Supreme Court rules on education funding…and other headlines: March 3, 2017

The Kansas Legislature’s top leaders say a state Supreme Court ruling on education funding won’t require lawmakers to change course on drafting a new school finance law. ... Continue Reading →

KS Supreme Court rules that schools not getting enough money from the state

The Kansas Supreme Court rules the state isn’t spending enough money to guarantee every student gets a quality education. The ruling is a win for four school districts who first ... Continue Reading →
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