Fatal vehicle accident involving a bull in western Kansas…and other headlines: May 22, 2017

One woman is dead, 7 more taken to the hospital after a crash in Ford County. The driver of an SUV hit a bull standing on US 400, and the impact pushed the vehicle into oncoming traffic ... Continue Reading →

Disaster declaration signed for counties impacted by winter storms…and other headlines: May 9, 2017

The governor signs a disaster declaration for 29 counties impacted by heavy rain, flooding, and winter storms at the end of April. Federal and state damage assessments are starting ... Continue Reading →

Charges filed against Wakeeney police chief…and other headlines: May 4, 2017

Prosectuors file a number of charges against the WaKeeney police chief. Terry Eberle faces suspicion of blackmail, harassment by telecommunications device, attempted interference with ... Continue Reading →

State legislative update…and other headlines: May 3, 2017

State legislators draft a new, bigger plan for raising income taxes to fix the Kansas budget after top Republicans abruptly dropped the one that had been agreed upon Monday. House and ... Continue Reading →

Interview with Midwest Energy about getting power restored…May 1, 2017

Update from Mike Morley with Midwest Energy about their progress in getting power restored… Continue Reading →

Proposal for extra utility bill fees that will go to schools…and other headlines: April 28, 2017

The majority leader of the state Senate is drafting a proposal to tack on an extra fee to utility bills to raise money for public schools. Jim Denning’s tax would add $3 a month ... Continue Reading →

KS farmers faring better than expected…and other headlines: April 24, 2017

The latest farm loan delinquency numbers show Kansas farmers are faring better than many had feared as spring planting gets underway. The Farm Service Agency says its direct loan delinquencies ... Continue Reading →

Kansas fiscal outlook a tad bit better…and more headlines: April 21, 2017

The state budget picture is a bit better now that officials and university economists are out with a new fiscal forecast. The new figures call for $156 million more in tax collections ... Continue Reading →

Headlines from around the region and the state…April 3, 2017

A survey finds serious morale problems among faculty and staff at the University of Kansas. The results of a “climate” survey on the Lawrence and Edwards campuses found ... Continue Reading →

Kansas farmers and ranchers get tax break to rebuild fencing after wildfires…and other headlines: March 23, 2017

Folks in Kansas are getting a sales tax break to rebuild fences on agricultural land after the biggest wildfire in state history burned through more than 1,000 square miles. Gov. Sam ... Continue Reading →
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